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Improve your video strategy

Every day, new viral videos on your site!
Viple provides the top trending videos from number 5 to number 1, published on Facebook, Twitter e Instagram by the most important social stars

Thematic charts

Choose one or more thematic channels (Music, Sport, Food, Youtuber, Fashion, Cinema and many more)
and incorporate them in your web site in one click!


The player supports IAB standard VAST e VPAID for pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll reservation and programmatic adv campaigns, ensuring maximum levels of viability.

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Viple Player Technical Features

  • Easy HTML integration
  • Total responsive dimensions
  • Mobile support
  • Audio hover activation on desktop
  • Pre, mid or post roll ADV
  • In/out zoom
  • Viewport


  • What’s the hottest video by worldwide YouTubers?
  • What’s the most viral video published by political leaders?
  • What’s the most influential fashion post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?
  • Which social star has the biggest follower base?
  • Who are the rising social stars?


Videos Charts

Viple creates a wide range of video channels with the 5 most viral videos posted by social stars belonging to a large number of categories (fashion, beauty, music, politics, sports and many more).

Posts Charts

Find out the top trending posts published by social stars.

Followers Rankings

Viple gives you the charts of the most followed social stars grouped by topic.
Find out who will be the next rising star!

Contents Aggregator

Never miss a post from your favorite social stars!
Viple aggregates the most viral posts and videos from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and gathers them in one page.